Bunny and Yuvan marry “Ravivaar with Star Parivaar”

Ravivaar with Star Parivaar continues to be a favorite Sunday episode on Star Plus. In this episode “A Grand Love Celebration” when Bunny and Yuvan from “Banni Chow Home Delivery” get married to “Ravivaar with Star Parivaar”.

This week we will see how the families of Star Parivaar are split in two, with one side playing Bunny, Ulku Guptu aka Ladki Vale, and the other side playing Yuvan, Pravisht Mishra aka Ladke Vale. By supporting her special friend, Imli is definitely on Bunny’s side, and the Pandya Store family is supporting her. While Yuvan gets his Dada and Anupama Parivaara to side with him. It will be a great show thanks to the incredibly talented members of Star Parivaar.

Because Juvan never got a chance to propose to Bunny, so for the first time in Ravivaar with Star Parivaar, we can witness this epic moment. *Bunny about Yuvan’s proposal* “I really liked it. It was very true and Yuvan understands my value. I don’t think there is anyone better for me than Yuvan. my husband.” Bunny seems to melt at his beautiful words, and we can’t wait to find out what those words are.

Their proposal gives us a chance to see the iconic couple Anupama and Anuj recreating their own proposal. But this time it’s not all. Our beloved #MaAn’s “Pyaar ka izhaar” is a love letter to their relationship. Rupali Ganguly captivates the audience with her beautiful melodies and we all know that Anuj is thrilled. Taking the opportunity to propose to her one and only, we see Dadu, Rajendra Chawla, proposing to Suman Ji, Kruttika Desai, with Shayari. Sumanji responds with another witty “Shayari” which ends with “Filhaal mujhe Maa rehna hai, nahi banna hai dadi”. We will cheer for our Dadu because he never backs down in the face of difficulties and hope he gets his happily ever after with Suman Ji.

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We’ll also see our favorite Saasu-maa jodi Neela and Leela G kick off with the “Dance Jugalbandi” round, followed by Anuj and Yuvraj, who are getting tough competition from fan favorite dance champion Imli. There is cheering and laughter all around as they prepare for their next challenge.

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We all know and love the traditional game of finding rings after the arrival of the “dulkhan” in her Sasural to determine “who is the boss here.” Wanraj from Anupama and Shiva from Pandya Store compete in this round where Wanraj finds the ring in 3 seconds. He really shines as the best competitor among all the Star Parivaar families. It will be interesting to see which of the yuvans and bunnies will wield this power.

This week’s episode “Ravivaar with Star Parivaar” gives the opportunity to feel all the vibrations of Shaadi, and the families of Star Parivaar come together to celebrate this joyful occasion with special offers for their loved ones on the screen.

Who do you think will win this love game Ladki or Ladki?