[Fashion Risks] Kareena Kapoor or Sonakshi Sinha: Who looked hotter in a blue sequin gown?

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Taking fashion risks isn’t always easy, but Kareena Kapoor Khan sure loves a challenge. The actress, who is currently a judge on a reality TV dance competition, was spotted on set today wearing a stunning blue gown by Raisa Vanessa, an Istanbul fashion house. Instead of playing it safe with a matching pair of shoes, the celebrity took her outfit a step further with strappy heels in an unexpected shade of queen pink. Now is a great time to buy that curated dress you’ve always wanted. Take a look at her latest look by scrolling down.

Kareena opted for sparkling sequins. Her dress featured a thigh-high cut, which not only showed off her legs, but reached to a dramatic bow at her waist, enhancing the woman’s overall figure. The actor kept her beauty understated but impactful by highlighting her tailored outfit: heavy eyes, strong brows, and a matte nude lip, finished with perfectly sculpted waves. Instead of wearing a stark black dress to your next cocktail party, opt for a theatrical performance like Kapoor Khan.

Sonakshi Sinha is an actress who has a reputation for successfully styling her brand. In terms of style and appearance, the actress who was last seen in Kalunk has undergone an impressive transformation. The actress has recently started experimenting with her clothes and has since lost a few pounds. Whether Sinha is heading to the airport, a party, or the red carpet, her stylist Mohit Roy is making sure the actress looks her best. She didn’t let us down with her latest appearance either!

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A stunning blue Alexander Terekhov full-length gown was recently chosen by Sonakshi. She fit perfectly in clothes that accentuated her curves. The royal blue dress was open at the legs and had full sleeves and a round collar.

Source: Vogue

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