Kavya lashes out royally at Pakhi and Vanraj; gives a warning to the Shah family

The Star Plus show “Anupamaa” is getting more and more interesting with each episode. The show’s current track revolves around Anupamaa’s firm decision never to enter Shah’s house again after the humiliation she endured due to Pakhi, Toshu, Wanraj and Baa. While Anupamaa was trying to get away from the pain and was busy reminiscing with little Anu and Anuj, the drama in the Shah’s house continues to escalate.

In the following episodes, Kavya and Dagger lash out at Tosha and Pakhi for their behavior. Kavya tells them that motherless children know the real pain of motherlessness, but they are too unhappy for not respecting their mother when she did so much for them. Kavya also told Pakhi that she couldn’t believe that she was Anu’s daughter. Dagger also tried to get Tosh and Pakhee to try their own medicine.

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Kavya then comes to Vanraj and lashes out at him for his attitude. She tells him that the family will never appreciate what Anu has done for them and therefore she will not allow anyone in the family to make fun of her. Turning to Leela, Kavya declares that from now on she will not hear any ridicule from anyone and will repay those who try to misbehave with her.

Anuj, Anu and Anupamaa are having a good time. Anuj tells Anupamaa that she should not visit Shah’s house and she agrees. Pakhi repents for her actions, but Vanraj asks her to forget about everything and not apologize to Anupamaa. Pachy is shocked.

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