Nagan 6: The truth came before Mahek

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Naagan 6: The Colors show Naagan 6 produced by Balaji Telefilms has seen some captivating drama that has left the audience stunned. There is a big drama at Kiara’s wedding where Rishabh (Simba Nagpal) gets caught in a huge fire at the wedding venue. He died after being engulfed in flames. This paratha (glowing light) changed his life. He is unable to handle this huge disaster.

We had already written that the paratha at the temple will lead to an emotional orgy in which she will be seen reminiscing about her good old past with Rishabh. She wants her Rishabh back. She will dance with determination to bring him back. It will be an emotional scene in which she will plead with God to give Rishabh back to her.

Meanwhile, viewers will get to witness another shocking twist. Mehek (Mehak Chahal) who thinks she has acquired all the powers of Sheshnagin, gets a shocking news. He will discover that he is not the Sheshenagin he has always felt he is.

The smell will feel betrayed and will react in horror.

What will be Mehek’s next plan?

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