Rishi Sunak of Indian origin will be the youngest new Prime Minister of Britain

Rishi Sunak : Prime Minister of Britain

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Said that I would work day and night
Indian-origin Rishi Sunak will now be the youngest prime minister in Britain’s more than 200-year history. He is only 42 years old. His first election was contested in 2015 and in just 7 years he reached the top post of Prime Minister of Britain. He has been elected leader of the Conservative Party and will be the first British Prime Minister of Asian descent. Sir Graham Brady made the formal announcement on Monday. As you know, Penny Mordont withdrew his claim. By the way, the Prime Minister of Britain can officially take over on Tuesday only. Whereas on October 28, he will take oath for the post of Prime Minister.
Rishi Sunak, in his first speech in front of his party leaders after the announcement of the name of Prime Minister, first thanked Liz Truss for “her leadership in the difficult circumstances of the country and the world”. At the same time, Sunak said that he feels “humbled and honored” with the support and cooperation of the MPs. He told his party, “I promise that I will work day and night “for the British people” with all sincerity and humility.
If we talk about Sunak’s background, then in 1980 Sunak was born in Southhamton, Hampshire. His father was a doctor and mother was a pharmacist. His family members of Indian origin had come to Britain from East Africa. He did his schooling in a special private school, Winchester College. By the way, Sunak went to Oxford for higher education. He later earned an MBA degree from Stanford University. Sunak was previously the finance minister in the Boris Johnson cabinet. Sunak was elected a Conservative MP from Richmond, Yorkshire since 2015 and rose to the position of Prime Minister in just 7 years.

Rishi Sunak is the son-in-law of Indian famous industrialist Infosys founder NR Rishi Sunak : Prime Minister of Britain. He married Akshata in 2009. As far as Akshata Murthy is concerned, she is included in the list of richest women in Britain.