Virat serves Pakhi; Sai and Virat get emotional

The Star Plus show “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin” is getting more interesting with each episode. The show’s current track revolves around Pakhee suffering the pain of childbirth while alone at home. The weather conditions in the city worsened, and therefore no one could come to the aid of Pachy.

In the following episodes, Virat reaches his target in time and holds Pakhi as she is about to fall. Virat calls Sai but can’t get through to her. He sends his message to Sai. Sai calls Virat and tells him that she can’t get home and the ambulance can’t get home and the only option for him is to have the baby himself. Virat and Pakhee think this is a bad idea, but Virat sees no other way and agrees to do the same.

Virat follows Sai’s instructions and makes Pakhee push the baby. Pachy loses consciousness. Sai asks Virat to wake her up and help her push. Sai asks Virat to get a small vacuum cleaner out of the car, adjust the power and use it to get the baby out. Virat successfully pulls the baby out and feels surreal holding him in her arms. Sai, too, feels a pang of emotion. Sai is about to leave for the house, but realizes that the baby is not crying.

Sai and Virat are both very concerned about the same thing, but Sai gives Virat tips on how to wake the baby up and after a few minutes of trying, the baby starts crying and Sai-Weerat rejoices. Sai comes home and holds the baby. Virat and Sai have an emotional conversation. Sai takes care of the unconscious Pakha and thanks her for her happiness.

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Also, Sai arrests Pakhi.

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